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The Best Travel Apps

Posted on 17 December 2020 by (0)

As the travel industry continues to grow, there a robust influx of travel apps. And, that kind of clutter is what makes it quite difficult for most people to distinguish the best from the rest. As a result, we end up with very many useless travel apps on our devices. The following are some of the best travel apps to install. 


From time to time, most people go through the pain of delayed and canceled flights. Sometimes, you might even be barred from boarding a flight due to overbooking. In such cases, both the US and EU laws require that passengers are compensated. But, the process is often too complicated and most people end up without compensation. With AirHelp, you can now easily do all that in just a few minutes. All you need is to enter your flight information and a short description of the issue then, the company will handle the rest. If the claim is successful, you receive 75% of the payout as well as a referral bonus for any recommendations to the company. It works on both iOS and Android. 


This is a must-have travel app for finding cheap flights. The app conducts a widespread search on millions of flights from more than 1,200 sources and provides the best available alternatives. You can opt to search for flights based on the easiest or cheapest routes. Besides, the app allows you to see the cheapest months or days to fly to the intended destination. It will also send notifications of any price changes.  


Airbnb is for renting individual rooms, apartments, or couches from local communities in various destinations across the globe. Most travelers not only prefer the app because it allows them to save money on the road but, staying with locals still offers the social element of hostels. Besides, it provides a more effective and legitimate way to interact with your host. 

The travel app world is constantly changing and, there are many other great travel apps out there that you can still use to make traveling less-hectic such as Couchsurfing, HotelTonight, Hostelworld, LoungeBuddy, and Detour.