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How to Let Your Partner Know that You Want to Travel Alone

Posted on 29 March 2020 by (0)

Many partners plan separate trips to cater to their different interests. However, a partner in a relationship may struggle to tell their spouse that they want to travel alone. A partner may want to go on a solo trip but fear to raise the issue. So, how do you let your partner know that you want to travel alone without hurting them? Here are tips to guide you. 

Tell Your Spouse that Your Relationship is Still Strong 

If you’re having issues in your relationship, don’t bring up the idea of going on a solo trip. That’s because the idea can make your spouse feel threatened. And, your discussion will become heated. Solo travel should enrich your relationship. But, if you go without the support of your partner, it will ruin your relationship. And, there are other ways of taking care of a troubled relationship than traveling alone. 

Don’t Bring the Idea to Your Partner if they are Not Suspecting It 

Start giving your spouse a hint about your intention to travel alone in advance. You can start with the idea of taking a day or a few hours away. Use this to build to the discussion about traveling alone someday. 

Decide Together 

Let plans for solo trips grow naturally. Make sure that the joint decision is based on how much you care for the interests and needs of each other. 

Explain the Reasons for Traveling Alone 

Several reasons can make you want to travel alone. For instance, you might want some time to explore things, write or draw. Maybe you have different interests with your partner. You can even want to explore cultures that your partner is not interested in. Regardless of your reasons, share them with your spouse to earn their trust and confidence. 

Traveling alone can enrich life personalities and strengthen relationships if planned properly. Follow these tips to share the idea of solo travel with your spouse.