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How to Give Back to the Society While Traveling

Posted on 01 March 2018 by (0)

How to Give Back to the Society While Traveling

Traveling presents a wide range of opportunities to give back to the society. Enjoying beautiful sights, tasting new foods, immersing in different cultures, as well as meeting and interacting with new people are basic ingredients of amazing trips. However, it also feels great to give back to the communities that you visit while traveling. Here are tips that will enable you to give back to the society while traveling.

Be Generous

To some travelers, this is the easiest way to give back to the society. But, some travelers leave their travel destinations with loose change in their bags. In most cases, the change is in a currency that they never use at their home countries. Therefore, instead of letting loose change weigh down your travel bag give it to the needy and homeless. You can also give waiters and waitresses bigger tips when leaving restaurants.  

Support the Local Economy

In developing countries, there are several organizations that provide micro loans to local entrepreneurs. If you travel to a developing country, you will notice that starting a new business is not easy. But, there are organizations in these countries that allow you to help aspiring entrepreneurs by lending small amounts of money. Take this opportunity to support the local economy while traveling.


While traveling abroad, take some time to volunteer and do something beneficial to the locals. For instance, you can volunteer in a soup kitchen, teach the local children English, or build the needy a house. Volunteering will also give you a chance to experience the way of life at your destination.

Eat and Shop Local

Eating and shopping local provides a great way to support the local community and businesses. Therefore, instead of eating and shopping at the multinational chains, go to small, local or family-run establishments. In fact, make eating at places that are not available back at home a rule while traveling.

To give back to the society while traveling, follow these tips during your next trip.